is published four times during the year: winter, spring, summer and fall. It is a nationwide way of sharing the inspirations and blessings of upcoming or past events of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in the USA. Its cost is $10.00 per year for the printed edition. The digital version is free. If you wish to subscribe or give a subscription as a gift contact us:


Summer 2017 – Summary and Echoes from the Annual Convenation










Spring 2017 – Pioneering Outreach








Fall 2016 – Crowning the MTA across the USA…









newsletter summer 2016

Summer 2015 – A Great Crowning Weekend!









newsletter spring 2016

Spring 2016 – Schoenstatt continues on the move!








Winter 2015

Winter 2015 – Schoenstatt is on the move!








Summer 2015

Summer – Fall 2015 – Echoes from the SRC Convention









Spring 2015

Spring 2015 – Centennial of the arrival of the MTA









Fall – Winter 2014









Summer 2014 – Jubilee Convention & Pilgrimage



Spring 2014

Spring 2014 – Preparations for the Celebrations of the Jubilee 2014










Winter 2013 – Jubilee Year 2014










Fall 2013 – Opening of

the Jubilee Year 2013-2014




Fall 2010 – History of the SRC in the USA







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