God My Father

God My Father

Text from Fr. Joseph Kentenich, Translation: M. J. Hoehne, Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, Waukesha, WI, 1977, 70 pages.



Father Kentenich, the founder of Schoenstatt, was very gifted at interpreting the signs of the time and showing to people of today new ways how to master the problems and crises they face.  This holy man of God had his hand, as it were, “on the pulse of the time and his ear bent to the heart of God.”  With great compassion and knowledge he looked into the inner life of the human person today and applied many of the revealed truths as a remedy for modern ills.  With the light of faith, aglow in him, he brightened some of the darkness of our age, even anticipating future developments and aligning our ways of thinking to that future.  His words hold deep meaning that may well outlast our own day and age.  The aphorisms collected in this booklet speak for themselves; they are excerpted from the founder’s writings and conferences.

It was Father Kentenich’s special concern to proclaim the true image of God as revealed by Christ, the image of a God of love, a merciful Father whose children we are, indeed.  It is our  hope that many who read the author’s words will find in him a sure guide to a more complete surrender to the Father.  In “holy wisdom,” may they seek this God of love in all situations and find their way home to him.

Candlemas Day, 1970

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