Schoenstatt: An Introduction

Schoenstatt: An Introduction

includes photographs, by Fr. E. Monnerjahn, 48 pages



This introduction to Schoenstatt was first published in May  of 1966, more than 24 years ago.  In the meantime, it has been revised and reprinted a number of times.  In 1990 it became necessary to print a revised edition once more.

On that occasion, text and photos were updated as in previous editions and expanded.  The overall purpose, however, has remained the same; namely, to offer concise and objective information on an introductory level about Schoenstatt: its history, structure, goals and spirituality.

The author gratefully acknowledges the valuable assistance given by a number of persons who made it possible to add new photos.

Koblenz-Metternich, November 18, 1990

Engelbert Monnerjahn

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